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International Women’s Day – Celebrating Women in Haiti

Today is International Women’s Day 2013!  This global day is all about celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.  This year’s theme is “Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum.”

Gender equality is crucial to the ability of families, communities, and societies to thrive.  Unfortunately many women globally, as well as in Haiti, face an uphill battle regarding equality.  At World Concern, we agree with Justine Greening, the U.K. Secretary of State for International Development when she said,

“Locking out women isn’t just bad for an economy, it’s bad for a society.  It seems common sense, but it’s still happening.”

Women and girls need to be protected, included, and empowered.  

We are excited to do our little part in celebrating this day by introducing you to some exceptional women World Concern has had the opportunity to meet and walk alongside in Haiti.  


Meet Lizette
35 years old
Mother of two
World Concern Microcredit Client & cook extraordinaire
“The loan allows me to buy more product and grow my business.”
Way to go Lizette!

















Meet Emmanuela
20 years old
Comes from a family of farmers
Intern at World Concern’s agricultural training center & future community educator
“I will be able to teach the farmers so we can move forward as a country.”
Now that is a woman with a vision.










Meet Bellia
Mother of two
Small business owner since 1997 selling clothing and accessories
World Concern Microcredit Client & savvy entrepreneur
How does she remain competitive?   “With my wisdom.  I smile and offer a good price.”  With a smile like this, how can she go wrong?




Thanks for your partnership in supporting women in Haiti!  I encourage you to visit the International Women’s Day website to learn more.  One way you can get involved with World Concern in this area (if you are a lady!) is to become a part of our Women of Purpose program.  This is a great way to learn about issues women face globally and to join us as we serve them in the places we work.