About World Concern

World Concern is a Christian global disaster relief and development agency.  At World Concern, our goal is to provide life, opportunity and hope to all we serve, regardless of race, religion or gender.

World Concern works in a variety of places, but we excel at providing relief in areas not serviced by other agencies. In many of the countries where we work, the people who live there face significant political or religious restrictions. In all cases, we seek out the poorest and most vulnerable.

We are people who stick around for the long run.  Our staff members are experts in community development, leading families and communities out of poverty. Our donors are people who believe that God changes hearts as well as circumstances. Our volunteers are filled with Christ’s love for the needy.

We specialize in the areas of disaster response, education, microcredit, vocational training, child protection, clean water, and health.

World Concern in Haiti

World Concern has operated programs in Haiti for more than 30 years.  Beginning in January 2010 we shifted our emphasis in Haiti to disaster response, following the catastrophic 7.0 earthquake.  In addition to our disaster response activities in Haiti, our long term and sustainable development programs are being implemented.  These programs focus on three primary areas:  health, economic development, and disaster risk reduction.


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