After 3 Years, Some Final Words

Nearly three years ago, Martha and I began writing on this blog; sharing with you our desire to go to Haiti and work with World Concern.  A lot of stories have been shared, along with some personal ramblings. It is with mixed emotions that today I write our final post on this blog and formally ‘sign off’ as we prepare for a new chapter.

As I let my mind wander now and consider all we’ve seen and experienced since first arriving in Haiti, it is the faces of the dozens of people we’ve met that stand out—moms, dads, pastors, farmers, entrepreneurs, students.

Then when I think about specific faces, I’m reminded that each of these faces is a beautiful creation of God with a distinct story.  Everyone has a story and each is unique.  We have heard stories of healing and restoration and also ones of difficulty and loss.

CHAMP- Mother & Son with Baby kit

We’ve met women living with HIV/AIDS that were given new hope through a support group, which showed them they are not alone and life is still worth living.  Support groups for pregnant women helped them learn how to prevent HIV from being passed to their babies.


Farmer in NW1



We’ve met farmers who didn’t know how they would provide for their families because it wasn’t raining enough.  To the right, Charles explains the challenges of farming where rain is scarce.  He received seeds that required less water than commonly used seeds.


Mersan, Goats Trees HTK_101


We’ve met kids that were given a shot at school when they thought it wasn’t possible.  Kids are given goats to help provide additional income so they can go to school.  On the left, Myrlande shows off her goat and is now in sixth grade.




A common phrase in Haitian Creole is “Sa se lavi” which means, “That is life.” When I first arrived in Haiti that phrase seemed more fatalistic and hopeless than it does to me now. Now I see it for what it is; acknowledging the beauty of life without neglecting the reality that life can be difficult as well.

Haiti has taken away my naiveté while leaving me with a realistic and hopeful feeling. Life is full of ups and downs, and that’s just how it is. Some of it can be reasoned with but the reality is that many of life’s’ best and worst moments cannot.

While challenges remain and life is difficult for many people, it’s clear that God is using World Concern in Haiti to serve vulnerable people and help them live better lives.  So thank you. Sincerely and with grateful hearts, Martha and I want to say thank you for your generosity, prayers, and partnership in this impactful work.

Snowbargers_-Gelée-Beach-LesCayes-S-Haiti_6-11-13__143-300x199It has been such a joy working with you and World Concern in Haiti these past two years!  We hope you will remember these faces and the faces of the many others we’ve shared with you.  Join us in continual prayer for them and their families.

As this is our last post on this blog we want to encourage you to keep up with what God is doing in Haiti and around the world through World Concern by following the primary World Concern blog and also the daily updates shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Blessings to you all in 2015!


One thought on “After 3 Years, Some Final Words

  1. Marion Snowbarger

    What an awesome final blog. God has blest and used you both in such a unique and interesting ministry. We are so excited to see what He has in store for you as you follow the uncharted path ahead. You are His very special servants AND our very special GRAND grandkids!! Thanks for being such a wonderful blessing to us as well as those hundreds in Haiti. Much love & prayer for you each day.

    Papa & Nana S.


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