Photo Essay: One-of-a-kind Latrines

Desroulins, Latrines Nursery_006

Pastor Marc shows us a newly built latrine in Desroulins

“It’s a big problem in this area,” said Pastor Marc.

We were standing in the shade of a tree in Desroulins, a small community in North West Haiti.  Near us was a newly built latrine–the ‘toilet seats’ still drying in the sun.  Pastor Marc is a mason and was responsible for overseeing the latrine work done in Desroulins by World Concern in partnership with the community.

We were talking about open defecation–the practice of relieving oneself outside.  That’s the problem Pastor Marc was referring to.  Open defecation leads to an assortment of diseases including cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, polio, and diarrhea.  Many people in this area simply don’t have a toilet.

And I’ll stop right there.  This is meant to be a teaser.  Teased?!  Martha posted a very interesting photo essay on the World Concern blog yesterday about these recently built latrines and two of the people who will use them.

Here’s the link.  Head there for the rest!


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