Better than gold

Martha and I have been planning, preparing, and praying for Haiti and our role there for nearly a year now.  At times I have wished more than anything to just be in Haiti; sweating, working hard, learning new things, meeting great people, and loving every minute.  The question, “Is it possible to have too much time for preparation?” has entered my mind a few times this past year.

The philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas said, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”

Reading this today was all I needed in order to reflect this past year on the rich conversations, fellowship, and community I have experienced with old and new friends precisely because we had not left for Haiti yet.

The past three weeks alone have been unique and encouraging.  Martha and I have been church hopping a bit lately.  We found ourselves recently at Bethany First Church, Central First Church, and Core Church at Aspen Creek.  These communities have welcomed us warmly and have been generous by allowing us to share our story and about our work in Haiti.  For me, it has been refreshing seeing faces that I haven’t seen in a long time; and amazing for Martha to meet new faces and see how much support we have just in this small pocket of the States.

In hindsight, we as humans see our missteps, victories, and blessings.  For me, I am thankful today for twelve months of crying, laughing, praying, meditating, dreaming, and growing with some of the most incredible and generous people on the planet.  It is not necessarily what I would have chosen for Martha and I, but that goes to show that perhaps I don’t always know what is best.  I am still eager to arrive in Haiti and began our work there (expecting to be perplexed and amazed even more at how God uses others to bless us!).  However, I am arguably more ready and energized for what lies ahead now because of the many hours dear friends have poured into me this year.

Just one question.  Who have you blessed today?!



2 thoughts on “Better than gold

  1. Clifford

    Spent time with my daughter over breakfast at iHop this morning; that was a definite blessing. Re-connected with a colleague who was in town for the first time since his marriage; also a blessing. Partially mended another work relationship; partial blessing right there :). And was blessed by my wife’s home cooking — so I blessed her by eating it!


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