Moving on

Martha and I are officially not Seattle residents anymore.  It feels funny to even type that!  Yesterday, we began our 2,600-mile trek across the country to Oklahoma.   As we drove through the city, got on the highway, and watched the buildings become more and more faint, memories of our past two years in Seattle came streaming back…

Getting married at a beautiful park on a sunny (thankfully) spring day
Finding a church home at Bethany Community
Walks to Sunset Hill Park
Coffee, coffee, coffee!
Learning to be content
Making lifelong friends
Understanding my desperate need for Jesus
Stumbling across this really cool organization called World Concern

And it goes on and on.  Although we will miss many things about this city, the fondest memories are of course those that involve people.  God has been faithful in many ways during this season of our lives, but especially so in giving us wonderful new friends.  There is a certain unexplainable joy we as humans get from being in honest, fun, vulnerable, spirit led community with other people.  We are really going to miss those people that God has put in our lives in Seattle!  Thank you (you know who you are!) to all of you who have poured into Martha and I for the past two years.  Thank you for your humility, accountability, wisdom, joy, generosity, and hospitality.  We have seen Christ in you; so thank you for sharing life with us.

As I reflect on all the great relationships God gave us in Seattle, I am reminded of how relational the gospel really is.  God is intimately invested and engaged in this world and for some reason has chosen to use humanity to complete his story of redemption.  We were made for relationship.  Jesus’ life and ministry are testimony to the relational nature of God.

We are definitely sad to leave behind some wonderful people in Seattle.  However we wait eagerly and in anticipation for the friends we will make in Haiti.  Aside from the work we will do to help the World Concern team in Haiti serve the poor, we really see building relationships as a foundational element of our ministry.  We expect to be blessed by others in Haiti and in turn we want to empower, edify, encourage, and live life with others.

Pray with us in advance for the people we will meet in Haiti, whether that is a fellow staff member, neighbors, or those World Concern is serving.   Martha and I are thankful for our time in Seattle and excited about what lies ahead.  Thank you for your friendship and partnership in serving the poor and building Christ centered lasting relationships in Haiti.

2 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Steve Taylor


    No doubt that God will use you & Martha in exponential ways in Haiti and where He sends you. The love that Christ has poured out empowers us to live as He did, as he does. We are no longer a slave to sin so we can now live by the Spirit. “Love your wife like Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her, cleansing her by washing with water through the Word.” Ephesians 5:25&26.
    I love you Brother. Praying for you.


  2. Nancy Claggett

    Austin & Martha-
    Hoping we get a chance to see you and pray with you before you leave OK. We are so excited for the plans God has for you! Knowing that you are living your lives sacrificially for Christ brings us pure joy. We are laying a path of prayer before you as you journey to Haiti and begin this new chapter.

    Blessings-Kent & Nancy Claggett


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