Martha and I have spent the last week in beautiful Ludington Michigan.  Much of Martha’s family, including her parents, are in Ludington this summer so it was a good time to visit.  We have been talking a lot about Haiti and World Concern as well.  As we share with others about our work, we often talk about transformation.  According to, to transform is to “change in condition, nature, or character.”  By definition, transformation involves a change.  The reason we talk about transformation so much is because we believe in change!  We see opportunities in Haiti for lives to be changed and transformed.  We desire people and communities to move from a place of despair and stagnancy, to a place of hope and abundance.

This theme of transformation continues to follow us.  Martha and I were at Cornerstone Baptist church yesterday, here in Ludington.  We always enjoy coming to Michigan and reconnecting with friends at Cornerstone.  The service begins and we sing some fun songs, which were led by the kids.  Nothing like beginning Sunday morning by waving your arms and jumping around!  Then the Pastor gets on stage and begins talking about transformation, of all things.  He was explaining how God is all about transformation and desires to see us become a new creation.  How awesome!  We were encouraged to see how our friends here in Michigan are also working towards transforming their community.

Definitions are often boring and may use words that you’ve never heard of to define a word you’re trying to understand.  Why do they do that?  Anyway, as I was doing some research on the word transformation, I found a definition that I both understood and really liked.  I learned that transformation has a different definition in the context of theater.

Theater – a seemingly miraculous change in the appearance of scenery or actors in view of the audience.

How beautiful.  Something miraculous is certainly involved in transformation.  We know this in our own lives.  As we grow up and become adults and mature, we change.  With God’s help, we get rid of the things that once hindered us and embrace the person we have become.

This is also true for individuals and communities in Haiti.  A better life is possible.  An improved living situation or successful crop or growing business is a welcomed change and can put people on the path towards complete transformation.   Practically, World Concern is participating in transformation by:

  • Providing education to kids
  • Training and equipping farmers
  • Providing entrepreneurs with small loans to start a business
  • Supporting those with HIV/AIDS
  • Rebuilding communities following natural disasters












Thank you for joining us in working towards positive change in Haiti!




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