Martha and I wrapped up a trip to Oklahoma and Kansas this past weekend.  We got to celebrate my sister’s college graduation, see some close friends, and share with others about our future work in Haiti.  We were so encouraged by the conversations we were able to have and truly thankful for everyone’s continued support and enthusiasm.  Here are some highlights and pictures from this past week.

Oklahoma City
Megan, my little (or not so little anymore!) sister, graduated from college this year so we were able to celebrate with her.  On Saturday we were able to attend her convocation and make a lot of noise when she walked across the stage!  My mom had planned a casual, yet well-decorated and classy lunch at a small café near campus where friends and family joined us to celebrate.  We spent that Mother’s Day Sunday with all the moms in our family that live in the Oklahoma City area and then made the hour and a half drive back to Tulsa.

I grew up in Tulsa, so coming here definitely means ‘coming home’ for me.  Martha has been to Oklahoma a handful times prior to this trip so she also is becoming more comfortable with my family and enjoys seeing familiar faces.  We started the week in Tulsa by getting to hangout with my best friend, Joey, and his wife who happened to be in town that weekend visiting their folks.  It was short, but sweet!  Later in the week, we got to host our good friend Hailey, who we worked with in Amsterdam, for a couple days.  Martha and I had not seen Hailey since we left Amsterdam two years ago so it was a long overdue reunion!  On Thursday afternoon, the three of us went downtown to check out Mayfest, an annual arts festival in Tulsa.  Not only did we see really funky and creative artwork, but we also got to see the Batmobile!  This was an exciting moment for us since we are big Batman fans.

We have some long time family friends that live in the Tulsa area that we wanted to see, so my parents hosted a dessert night on Thursday.  This evening was all about eating good food and enjoying fellowship.  We counted nearly 30 people in our living room that night!  Martha and I used this opportunity to share about our future work in Haiti and express our need for ministry partners.  We are really blessed!  Those that were able to attend were encouraging and responsive to our call for prayer and financial partnership.  Thank you to my folks who opened their home and to everyone that was able to come.  For those that were not able to come, we hope to see you on our next visit!  Martha and I are grateful for all of you.

Kansas City
On Friday morning, we piled into the car and drove to the Kansas City area with my dad.  There is a family in the area that have been great friends of our family for quite awhile and have been incredibly supportive of Martha and I’s future ministry.  They offered to host a dessert night for us so we could share our vision and story with some people in their circle.  What a night!  We had wonderful conversation with a small group of people Friday night and got to talk about Haiti and World Concern.  Martha and I aim to be advocates for Haiti so we were encouraged by everyone’s interest in Haiti and our ministry.  Thank you to our family friends who hosted us and have been so supportive.  We are grateful for those who spent their Friday evening with us in Kansas City.

As you can see it was an awesome week.  I am reminded of how important relationships are and of how God has blessed us with many good friends.  Pray for us as we get back into our routine in Seattle and make final preparations for a one week trip to Haiti in June.


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