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Happy spring everyone!  Here in Seattle, we are getting our first consistent bits of sunshine and ‘warm’ weather.  This is the time when Seattleites, including us, come out of hibernation and begin spending a lot of time outdoors.  There are plenty of reasons for us to be excited, and not just because of the beautiful weather.

One reason we are excited is that in the month of March, Martha and I received our detailed budget outlining all of our financial needs before arriving in Haiti and during our two years there.  There may be slight changes to our budget, however we want to share this information with you now to help you better understand what our financial needs are and what this money is being used for.










As Communications Liaisons, Martha and I will be highlighting stories of hope and partnering with Haitians in building a stronger tomorrow.  To do this we need committed partners who are interested in being a part of relationship building and transformational work.  Please prayerfully consider how you may be able to join us in working with and for the Haitian people.  Thank you to all of you who have sent encouraging emails and notes.  We have had such a wonderful response since we began sharing our story and vision.  As always, we would love to hear from you.  Regarding finances, if you have questions about our budget or would like to hear more in detail please do not hesitate to contact us.

World Concern in Haiti is transforming lives by serving in the areas of disaster relief, microcredit, education, food security, HIV/AIDS prevention, and support for AIDS orphans.

In addition to our financial needs, we also have a big need for prayer partners.  We recognize that by our own strength we can only go so far.  However, whenever people gather together in prayer and in agreement, what cannot happen?  Therefore, please consider committing to praying for Martha and I for the next two years.  Martha and I pray each Monday evening together for guidance, humility, our supporters and Haiti.  If you feel led, you may join us in prayer at that time wherever you are!

Please pray now for:

  • Perseverance as we balance working our day jobs and making all the necessary preparations for our future ministry
  • New supporters who are interested in our work and what God is doing in Haiti
  • Haiti and our future colleagues, that they may receive all that they need to continue their work

 We realize these are big requests!  Therefore, in return for your partnership we will commit to:

  • Serve in Haiti with World Concern for a period of two years
  • Provide you with updates on our lives and the work of World Concern in Haiti, and how your contribution is making a difference
  • Use our resources wisely and be good stewards—this includes our time, money, skills, all of it

We hope all is well with you!


Austin & Martha Snowbarger


Click here to donate to support Echoes of Hope online, or copy and paste the following url into your web browser:  http://worldconcern.org/fieldworkers/snowbarger/.   The donation on this page goes to support Austin & Martha Snowbarger.

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